Friday, 11 May 2018

Demand for Islamic Schools around the world

As the population of Muslims is growing around the world, Islamic schools and education system is also growing in demand. There are many Muslim families that prefer to give Islamic teaching to their children. Many top institutes are also including Islamic education as a preferable subject option as well due to this increase in demand.

Education is given a lot of importance in Islam and it is the pillar of all the good things that happen in the Islam. If you are an Islamic follower then it is important to get the Islamic coaching or training from best Islamic School in UK. There are various important preaching’s in Islam and one of them is Sadaqah Jariya. According to this teaching, every Muslim must be involved in some specific type of charity work in his or her life. It is the best way of giving help to the others and getting close to the learnings of Allah. 

Charity is given a lot of importance in Islam and therefore many people are looking to create top Islamic education centers, schools, and colleges where fellow enthusiastic young Muslims can learn all the good things about Islam. If you are looking to get an admission in one of the top Muslim institutes then it is important to get good marks in the Islamic schools. Are you looking to get admission into the top Islamic institutes or colleges in the UK? If yes then search online and choose the best college that suits your requirement.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

What to expect from Muslim Schools in UK?

There are several speculations and debates among people about what Muslim schools in UK are teaching their students. While many are still of the opinion that Muslim schools are misleading their students, there are people who believe that these schools are genuinely preparing their students for a mainstream lifestyle without losing touch of their tradition and culture. 

What Muslim Schools teach?

The Muslim schools have curriculum encompasses the contemporary educational practices as well as Islamic education as a part of their moral education. The schools give equal attention and importance to their students receiving formal education for a successful life in the mainstream society as well traditional teaching for a religious and culturally rich lifestyle. 

What extracurricular activities do they undertake?

A lot of schools take initiatives for public services as a part of their never-ending charity or sadaqah jariyah to help the students realize the importance of the five pillars of Islam and educate them more about it. Moreover, the students are made to participate in various exercises to make the five pillars a part of their lives.

What impact does studying in a Muslim school has on a student?

Studying in a Muslim school not only develops the mainstream skills of a child but also helps him to develop the traits of being a devout Muslim. While the teachings of Allah as mentioned in the Holy Quran are taught at the household level and even in the madrasah, the schools take up activities to make them a part of their students’ lives for better purposes.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Teaching Importance of Charity in Islamic Schools

The Islamic teachings emphasize on charity to a great extent. Charity is of great importance in Islam. Many Islamic schools take up initiative to teach their students about the importance of charity in our day to day life and why is hold such significance in Islam. According to the Holy Quran and the Prophet, charity is an important part of the life of a true Muslim. It must be made a way of life and practiced regularly.
Charity as a Part of Moral Education in Schools
Moral education is an additional subject or initiative taken by a regular school as well as an Islamic boarding school to teach their students more about the lessons of the Holy Quran as well as the significance of charity mentioned in it. A little time is dedicated to teach moral education to children as a part of the curriculum. The lessons include inculcating the concept of charity and the activities that can be undertaken by the students to do charity work in and around their houses and schools.
Charitable Activities in Schools
The schools organize events to help children perform charitable activities such as cleanliness drives, donation of old and usable clothes and shoes and other such activities. These activities are taught to the students as a part of the never ending chain of charity or sadaqa jariya as mentioned in the Holy Quran. The schools also take the initiative to visit orphanages and old age homes to do charity work with their students.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Why is It Advisable To Opt For Girls Boarding School?

Boarding school is the right place to choose for your girls, especially because of the fact that it offers quality education and also imbibes discipline within the students. To ensure that girls get the best education it is important to opt for the best girls boarding schools in the city. The best boarding schools are able to offer education unlike others and is also said to give varied other benefits which has been discussed in detail below.

Maintenance of discipline

By opting hostels for girls discipline and other punctuality habits are taught to girls. This is quite important for them to live a good and regularized life. Moreover such students do not turn out to be naughty and learns how to obey and respect the orders and sayings of other elderly people.

Student attention

School plays an important role in the life of kids, as this is the place wherein students are taught smallest and biggest of things. While enrolling girls to hostels one can be sure that their kids would be given personal attention by teachers such that their minds can grow in the best way possible and they become successful individuals in future.

Care to students

Boarding school offer students round the clock facility wherein academic and other needs of kids are very well taken care of. Faculty members are given the special responsibility of taking care of children 24 hours in a day. This way families can stay assured that their girls are taken care of in the right way and given the security which is important for them. Various boarding schools have been built up by Muslim charities UK and same can be chosen for offering education to children.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Find An Islamic School Near You

If a child gets good education then it is great for his future. There are so many children around the world who are unable to get proper education and this builds a lifelong hurdle for them to succeed in life. It is obvious for parents to worry about finding a good school for the education of their children. If you are a Muslim and want your kids to study in an Islamic school then you might be interested in finding the best Islamic school near me. It would not be a cumbersome task as all you need to do is to go online and search for one.

The number of Islamic schools is increasing with time. More and more people are getting to understand the value of education and they want their children to get educated. There are many schools which are run by the donations. If you want to help mankind then you should also donate for education. You might have read about sadaqah jariyah in Quran. It suggests that good deeds of an individual never cease to exist. You should help your brothers and sisters living in different parts of the world.

If you are financially capable of helping others then nothing should stop you from doing charity. Donating money only takes a few minutes with the help of different websites now. You can do it anonymously also. Once you donate something, you will feel great. Do it once and feel the difference in your life.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Importance of Education in Muslim Schools

Education has great importance in developing the character and attitude of a person. Islam emphasizes that every Muslim child deserves good education and this helps them understand and follow Islam better.While every Muslim is expected to contribute towards educating one another with the worldly knowledge as well as about Islam, a Muslim school takes up the initiative and responsibility to propagate the teachings of Prophet Mohammed. They provide lessons to individuals through special programs such that one can gain knowledge on what Islam is and what significance Allah holds in one’s life.

Content of the Curriculum

The schools either introduce special programs that students can attend to learn more and better about the traditions and concepts in Islam, or it is included as a subject to inculcate moral science in the students. The curriculum includes reading of the Holy Quran and other Holy Scriptures related to Islam. Additionally, curriculum also gives special emphasis on the importance of Islamic traditions such as Hajj, the month of Ramadan, practicing Roza, reciting a dua and Muslim charities to be undertaken by every Muslim.

Accessibility to the Lessons

The schools provide all types of book and Holy Scriptures that students can access anytime they want. A number of related thesis and published works are available in libraries of the schools that students can read in their spare time. In addition to these, teachers in the school are always available to help the students in case of doubt about the religion or their holy sculptures.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Is Girls’ Boarding School The Right Place for Your Kid?

Sending your kid to girls boarding schools is an important decision to make, after all you are going to leave your girl all alone in the hostel for the first time.This can also be a big decision in financial terms, after all hostels levy heavy fees and it is not possible for every family or parent to afford it. Even though people go through financial and emotional problems while sending their kids to hostel, there are some good points as well owing to which it is favorable to choose hostels over regular schooling.

Cooperate and collaborate

It is important to give girls a good and safe environment and this can be created by admitting them to good hostels. Herein they shall get a chance to stay along with other people and cooperate with them. Once they get used to with this, they become capable of living and tackling almost every situation in life.


Every girl’s parent needs a strong heart to send their girls to hostel, however once the parents take this risk girls become strong to face this world. It is really worth taking the risk encouraging them to face life boldly and in any circumstance.


As per Islam educating girls is an Islamic Charity UK and it should be performed by Muslims without any failure. For individuals who wish to perform charity and get into the good books of Allah they must take steps to educate their girls. They can either chose to send their girls to local schools or even admit them in hostels wherein they can live a private life and learn how to tackle different situations in life independently.