Friday, 26 August 2016

Actions performed in Sadaqah Jariyah

Sadaqah Jariyah is an ongoing charity which is conducted by Muslims to earn various rewards which not only benefits current life of an individual but also provides them benefit after their death. Every Muslim is expected to perform good deeds in their life, and this is something which can give them various benefits and also help them yield a happy life.

Perform Good Actions And Deeds

Here are some of the actions and deeds which must be performed by a Muslim during his life :
  • Actively participate or give donation for building of Mosque.
  • Actively participate in the building of orphanage.
  • Sponsoring life of an orphan is one of the actions which can be performed while doing Muslim charity.
  • Distribute copies of Holy Quran to people, and every time a person reads it you shall receive Hasanat.
  • Donations should be made for building the school. Every time children receive knowledge from such school an individual shall receive Hasanat during their life and even after death.
  • Share Quran dua CDs over internet, and every time people use it for recitation then you will get Hasanat. 
  • Provide assistance or give donations for building hospital or dispensary. Along with it, giving away wheel chairs in hospital is also a charitable act to perform.
  • Place trees or donate for this cause, such that people can use them as a shade and protect themselves from sun’s excessive heat.

Above mentioned are some of the actions can be performed by Muslims to get Hasanat, and avail its benefits during life and even after life.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Jamea Al Kauthar and its Campus Picture Gallery

Jamea Al Kauthar is located in the heart of Lancaster, and consists of a Victorian four storey, grade II listed building (formerly Royal Albert Castle) which forms the boarding wings with extensive, safe and secure accommodation. The madrasah and school are situated in two separate buildings, and all three buildings are surrounded by 20.5 acres of beautiful natural grounds giving a serene setting to relax and enhance the mind and body. 

The Royal Albert is a historical building which, at the time of its construction, enjoyed the moral and financial support of members of the aristocracy and of wealthy businessmen. The day of the laying of the foundation stone was a major historical occasion for the city of Lancaster. The mayor invited all local inhabitants to observe a holiday in the town for half a day. Queen Victoria also granted her patronage to the institution and donated 100 guineas.

Royal Patronage continued to be granted by her successors, i.e. King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI. As such, the property has been very well maintained and is one of Lancaster’s most prominent and historical buildings. It has recently served as a hospital as well as a school for the mentally handicapped.

The buildings cover 300,00 sq. ft and are of similar design and layout to the world famous Oxford University. They are surrounded by 20.5 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. A Victorian, four storey, grade II listed building with extensive accommodation forms the boarding. The other two buildings form the madrasah and school.

Please look through Jamea Al Kauthar picture galleries Video below by clicking on it:-

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