Monday, 10 April 2017

Participate In the Voluntarily Act Of Goodness

Education is the only means with which success and respect can be achieved by people in the society.  For different people and communities, education for girls holds varied importance. Among st all the religions, Islamic religion is one of the religions which have always differentiated between boy and a girl and same implies when it comes to imparting them education. This discrimination has also debarred many girls from getting education and progressing in life. The ill-fate of Muslim girls has not only been prevalent in Muslim countries but they have been dealing with such situations in other countries as well. However things have changed for good now and the credit of all of it goes to Islamic charities UK and other voluntarily institutions. They have been consistently working for promoting Muslim girl’s education and giving them a better life to live.

Emergence of Sadaqah Jariyah

Muslim girls’ right to education also got a lot of encouragement with the presence of Sadaqah Jariyah. It is an act to provide voluntarily education to girls and that too free of cost. There are several benefits attached to it as discussed below

  • It is an act of charity that not only helps an individual perform good deeds but also enables people purify their soul and do some charity for the whole mankind.
  • The charity is not only about monetary favors; instead it involves anything and everything done for the benefit of people and their good life.
  • Doing good deeds enables an individual to elevate high in estimation in comparison to others in the eyes of Allah. Hence they are blessed with much love, affection and happiness.