Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Good Deeds in Islam That Might Outlive a Person

Donating is one of the most important deeds in Islam. There are certain good deeds in Islam that can help him earn respect in religion. One of the few things is donating or participating in construction of building such as orphanage or school. Sponsoring in building an Orphanage helps the society as well. Islamic charities UK are mostly done in building mosque or schools. No matter where you live, helping others in doing small or big things is always the main solo motto of Islam. Even helping another person to learn about Islam is yet another way to achieve greatness and sadaqah jariyah

With the help of teaching someone about Islam or its preaching helps you attain good life even after death. Donating to build school can also give a good life to another person. Even donating wheel chair in hospital or helping in building a dispensary or hospital is a good deed in Islam. Good deeds also include helping child to complete his/her education, donating in building water wells, tanks, planting trees or helping animals is also considered to be a good deed. There are so many way by which one can achieve sadaqah in Islam like praying in Mosque, helping the society by building mosque, hospitals and schools. Just as important is doing good deeds in Islam at the same it is important to keep a good intention and help others in genuine way without getting biased in religion, caste or creed. 

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